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Judit Marjai, who has been devoted to art photography for the past fifteen years, puts on exhibits that usually draw significant reactions and acclaim. The artist has simultaneously explored many avenues, probed at provocative and feminine taboos, and has exposed celebrities in depth with her photography. In her first exhibitions " Seven Sins ", "KádEr" the fashionable gender topic was turned upside down from an independent viewpoint. Later at her " Enerva" exhibition in 2009 -being tasked by the jury of the 40th.Hungarian Film Festival she came up with heavily metaphoric, so far emblematic portrays. At this stage the shift has already been seen: painting with light has become her benchmark shifting her pictures into the realm of Fine Art. Themes shift from provocative-actual towards metaphoric-abstract.  When she returns to gender topic later in 2013, a completely new aspect and artist unfolds: she is building shrieking poetry from our bodily existence at her grand exhibiton , " Cold and Naked" ( Hideg és Meztelen) .  The fat woman portraits  offer stunning poems built of bodies instead of words. The large exhibition's motives,  three years later -fruit of three and a half years arduous work - again at A38 Budapest,  are already woven from the tragedies of the microscopic world. She hardly seems to be a programmed artist: it is rather the creation process that programs her. Being against quiddity by her very nature , her art delivers clarity ever so intricate or problematic the theme is. This clarity may be best exampled by her portraits ( 2017-2018) of György and Márta Kurtág - the pictures of the series  were exhibited by the Teatro  alla Scala along the 2018 world  premiere of the maestro's grand opera, " " Fin de Partie", and widespreadly  borrowed  by the international media.

  Judit Marjai steps into  "hyperspace" with her images and writing: of her contemporaries she explores social media the most. Her popular Blog and Facebook pages seem to host a continuing exhibit, making art interactive. Since 2014 she has been solid member -as the only photographer and woman - of the free jazz/ performance troop formed by painters awarded by Munkácsy prize.

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